Tarragona and surroundings

By the Mediterranian Sea, on the “Costa Daurada” (golden coast), the warm watered beaches are waiting for you. Discover historical traditions, artistic heritage and hundreds of activities that you will enjoy whichever your expectations and interests.

La punta del milagro

Conjunto arqueológico

Archaeological Site

The Roman origins of Tarragona make it singular. That is the reason why on 2000 UNESCO declared it Historical Heritage. Its archaeological site is of inestimable value. The visit of the Amphitheatre, the Roman Circus or the Scipion Tower is a must.

Historical City

On the highest part of the city the historical city is surrounded by the Roman city wall, of which 1km is still standing. Our Hotel (Plaça de la Font) is to be found on this site, famous for its gastronomic and leisure offer.

Plaza de la seu


In this few lines we cannot list everything Tarragona has to offer you, but find below some sites not to be missed.
· Tàrraco Arena Plaça (1883)
· Central market, modernist buiding dated 1915.
· The Mediterranian balcony (3min from the hotel) offers spectacular panoramics of the harbour, a part of the city, the railway station, the amphitheatre, the beach, and La Punta del Miracle (Miracle End).
· The Cathedral (S.XII)
· Saint Anthony’s portal. Stone and marble door in the Roman wall.

El balcón del mediterráneo